Property Potential

Who we areテ「ツヲ
With over 25テつyears of experience in both interior design and construction management we are well versed in both value engineering as well as bringing out a homeテ「冱 full potential while making clientテ「冱 dreams come to fruition. We offer real estate agents and their clients the opportunity to find out what a homeテ「冱 full potential really is through an on site consultation.テつ

What we can do for youテ「ツヲ
1.テつテつ テつAn initial walk through for a buyer who likes a property, but is not sure how to get it to work for them; is it possible? How much will it cost? How long will it take and what will it be worth when itテ「冱 done?
2.テつテつ テつAn initial walk through for the existing owner who is thinking about selling- what to do to maximize property values and make a home ready for market with value engineering.
3.テつテつ テつA gift certificate good for a design consultation to give clients for the purchase of a new home.